XNA Lara Download

XNA Lara Download
(XNA Lara developed by Dusan Pavlicek at Tomb Raider Forums, Image by doppeL

Saturday, March 12, 2011

XNA Lara

XNA Lara is a posing program developed by Dusan Pavileck at Tomb Raider Forums. For years now, people have used XNA Lara to make images for the entertainment of others, for promotional images for stories and levels. The program is easy to learn, and is a wonderful addition to the Tomb Raider World.

You use models, edited or extracted from Tomb Raider,but recently, people have been using programs such as, Maya, Blender, and 3DS Max to make original or remakes of models from other games, more commonly from Resident Evil.

My use of XNA Lara is, strictly for entertaining purposes. I enjoy making pictures for other Tomb Raider fans, and it always gives me a slight satisfaction, when I know that someone has liked something I had made with the program.

There is a download link for XNA Lara included on the front page of my blog, that will send you to the thread at Tomb Raider Forums. Just follow the installation instructions, and soon, I'll be posting a quick run down of how the program works.

Stay Tuned!

Note: Images were not made by me...