XNA Lara Download

XNA Lara Download
(XNA Lara developed by Dusan Pavlicek at Tomb Raider Forums, Image by doppeL

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tomb Raider 1: Part 1: The First Steps...

Well, here we are. About 10 years ago, today. My Tomb Raider experience began with my first steps into the Peruvian caves. From the start, I was hooked, the architecture, the atmosphere, and right from the beginning, you know you're not safe.

From the beginning, you are faced with darts, bats, wolves, and even a lone bear that will guard your path on the way to the Tomb of Qualopec. Eerie music accompanies you on your ventures,through different caves and chambers as you make your way to the City of Vilcabamba.

(Wolves attack in the Caves leading to The City of Vilcabamba)

Upon entering the City of Vilcabamba, you are greeted by a pack of wolves, and another, unfriendly bear, that will not hesitate to cause harm to our heroine. After a long trek through the village, collecting a key and a gold idol, you find yourself in the center of Vilcabamba where a small temple lies in wait, just for Lara to explore.

After making it through the two side rooms, you will head into the middle room and am greeted by new traps. Swinging blades, and a trapdoor. After finishing off another bear, you can use the idol you collected earlier, and enter the Lost Valley.

Next time I will talk about the next two levels and possibly have more information on the story of Tomb Raider, itself.
Stay Tuned, and thanks for reading!