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XNA Lara Download
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Friday, March 11, 2011

How Tomb Raider Entered My Life

So... When I was about the age of five years old, I had just gotten a Sony Playstation.
I remember that I was going to Game Stop, to get some games for, but was it not fate, in a way, that only one stood out to me? It was a brown case, with a, brunette, woman holding a pair of dual pistols...
At that time, my parents didn't know much about how the game rating system worked... So they got it for me, and from the beginning, I was hooked... Like all other Tomb Raiders, I started out in Lara's Mansion, and from that point on, it was history.

I spent a full year playing that game, and by the time i found out there was more, I was already four games behind, about two years until the release of Angel of Darkness... So I did whatever I could to get my hands on anything Tomb Raider.

And by the time, Legend came out, I was playing it, almost non stop, every single day of the week. Now I am here, awaiting the release of the reboot of the series, writing some early stages of stories that I am going to work on in my free time, and beginning to share my Tomb Raider history.

In my next update, I am going to talk about my experience playing through Tomb Raider 1 accompanied with some screenshots, and some little tips and tricks innate found useful during gameplay.

Stay tuned!

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